Sunday, February 14, 2010


I get asked alot by family and friends "what is Autism? What causes it?". When people think of Autistic kids they tell me they think of "Rain Man" or a kid who sits in the corner unaware that life is all around him. So this is to all the people who need answers.

***Please note these are my opinions and things that have been told to me. If you want to form your own opinion I am going to post links at the end. Thanks***

So I will answer this first - What is Autism? (Again please understand that these are my own opinions that I have come to terms with after much research and our own experiences)

First it is known that Autism is a Neurological disorder. There is something that happens that disrupts the neurons in the brain of these children that causes them to "malfunction". Autism Spectrum Disorder is just that. It's a spectrum, Meaning that there is such a wide range of symptoms, that the disorder is hard to diagnose. There is the low functioning side which are the children who have little function, and then all the way at the other end, you have high functioning which is like Charlie. He can do alot of things, but he is delayed to the point that he needs therapy to help him progress. And then there are different Autism disorders like Aspergers, and PDD-NOS. Children with Autism are generaly very intelligent, they just can't communicate. But I promis if you ever have the chance to sit down with a high functioning Austistic, you would be amazed.

Next question--

What causes Autism?

I believe it is just not one simple answer. Autism is a puzzle in all aspect of the disorder. I believe that there is a genetic compent, wether the trait is resesive or dominate is not a factor at this point, but the fact that it is genetic is. I believe that every child with autism starts out on a slippery slope. If toxins, and environmental distrubances are introduced to/into the child from newborn, then the disturbances in the brain will be greater and more extreme then thoes who did not get vaccinated at birth, or had toxins introduced in utero. With that said, I do believe that children who do not get vaccinated but have the genetic compent of Autism will progress on the normal scale but Autistic traits will pop up, but they stand a better chance at being "normal". With that said, I truely believe this DOES NOT apply to every autistic child, as Autism is a spectrum and the range from low function to high functioning is so great, that I strictly speak for my child, and my child alone.

So with that said -- this is what I THINK happened to my son. I can not give scientific proof, nor do I believe I have to. After all I am his mother and I know his body better then anyone else--

We believe Charlie was born with a developmental delay- You can tell by his facial features, that there is a genetic compents to said delay. I also believe that if he had not had the vaccinations at birth and up until 4 months of age, he wouldn't have been so ill his first year or so of life. I also believe that because the toxins in the vaccines were introduced into his body so young, he started down a slippery slope that we are just now trying to climb back up.

I believe that we eat and give our children so much GMO's, MSG's, and chemicaly infected products that they don't stand a chance anymore. Our lifestyles have become so chemically driven that children are having more disorders then they ever had. People buy into convience, and not into health... It really is a sad thing.

So Here are some links to Autism websites that you can read more about the disorder.

And again- please note these are my own opinions, thoughts, and feelings- I in no way have scientific proof of anything I have just said.--


  1. I have been reading your blog since you posted its creation on LiveJournal. I wanted to say that I think you are doing so well finding ways to understand Charlie's needs. My child is not autistic, so I can't share personal pains or understanding, but I am a teacher and I work to understand children more each day. I recently took the time to watch the Temple Grandin movie on HBO and thought it was wonderful. I also had the opportunity to see Temple Grandin speak in person last week. I find her story so motivating and inspiring. I'm not sure if you've looked into any of her books, but having heard her speak, I strongly recommend that you look into her works, if you are interested. I'm glad to hear that Charlie seems to be very high functioning. I hope his progress (and his ability to make progress) makes the bad days seem easier. You and your family are in my thoughts frequently. I wish you the best.

  2. Thank you for following!

    I have all of Temple Grandins books, and am almost through them all. We are going to see her speak in June and I can not wait! In some of her books she totally speaks the truth for Charlie. It's amazing how much my eyes have opened since reading her books. It makes understanding Charlie a little bit easier!

    Thank you for the thoughts!