Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a Few!

Just a few of our Family and Friends showing their support!!

Charlie and Daddy Wearing Blue!

Cade and Mads Wearing Blue!!
My sister, Erin, Cade and Mads!
Our friends from England!! Peter, Ben ( who is the same age as Charlie!) And Scarlett!
And Jenn's hot legs and Feet.....

Cami from CC Bums Shows her support too!!

Happy Autism Awareness Month!

Yesterday was the first day of Autism Awareness month!! Today everyone is supposed to wear blue in support of those who have Autism. I have been spamming my friends and family, telling them all to wear blue today, and to show their support for Charlie. I asked for them to take pictures and post them on Facebook, I wanted to see their support since all my friends live all over the world, and my family is spread out over Oregon, California and Washington!

I am so grateful for all of the support we have. My sister text messaged me a photo of herself and my nephew Caiden, and niece Maddie. They were all wearing blue! I honestly didn't expect the reaction I had. I started Crying, and then I jumped on Face Book and there they were!! Sporting the blue! Of course I started to cry even more. I was not expecting myself to cry. I really wasn't. I just forget how much support we have, whether it's big or small, we still have it.

I am just so lucky and thankful that I have such supporting friends and family!

I remember when we first started this journey. I remember Charlie's 18 month check up (which was a year ago in a couple of weeks) that our Dr. told us to get him evaluated. This past year has had SO many up's and downs, and full of moments where our heart swelled with pride, and ached with sadness. I'm taking this day to reflect back on our year, and how much everything has changed. Charlie has grown and changed so much. He is such an amazing little boy. But most of all Brian and I have changed. We are better parents because of him. He makes us want to do things (like work out..... ) to better ourselves.

Charlie, YOU are my hero, YOU are my sunshine on a cloudy day, YOU are the most hard working person I know. I love you babes!