Monday, February 22, 2010

Miss Nanie

So Nanie has been in our life for a little over two weeks now. It feels like she has been apart of our family forever. It is amazing how much she has changed us all. Let me explain-

For Charlie she is EVERYTHING. And I really do believe that she was made just for him. Her purpose in life is to serve Charlie, and to be his partner in crime. She is still a puppy, and she since she isn't properly trained there have been bumps in the road. She does play a little rough, but she is doing things I like. When Charlie is out in the backyard getting things into he shouldn't and since she is always by his side she just grabs his arm or the back of his coat and leads him away. She is only 12 weeks old now, and already knows how to do this. The only problem is, is thoes dang puppy teeth! She has scratched charlie alot, but she is slowly learning how to be gentle. I hope to get a trainer out this week to work on it with her!

For Amelia, She keeps Charlie away from her, but Nanie also loves and gives her kisses, it's pretty cute ;)

For our other Dog mai, she has been his savior. Before we got her he didn't really like other dogs, or to do much of anything. We were a bit leary of bringing her in, but we were prepared that we might have to get rid of someone. I can say this- i have NEVER seen Mai play with another dog like he does Nanie. He is submissive (general he's pretty dominate) and plays sooo gentle with her. It's like he knows she has a purpose, and he is helping guide her in the right direction.

For Brian and I - she is a god send. She is our light in this dark tunnel. With the right training I know she will be an amazing service dog, and partner for Charlie.

Oh Nanie- if only you could really know how much you really mean to us <3