Monday, February 22, 2010

oh softness!

Most people who know Charlie know that he has a huge obsession with soft fabrics. It's his vice. The softer the fleece, the better. We have soft blankets and clothes galour for him. His favorite thing that I just bought recently was a Cloth diaper. Now we started Cloth diapering Charlie around the time he got ill because he had such a bad rash that wasn't going away. We figured it was probably from the chemicals in sposies, and made the switch. I have spent lots of money trying to find dipes that charlie likes. We stopped CDing last august because it proved to be too much with two kids. Well the end of January I was doing bills and added up how much we were spending on sposies.... it was WAY to much! So we switched back to Cloth dipes.

I got a couple different name brands that work and Charlie tolerates. But there is one diaper that he loves. I mean he LOVES! Whenever I pull it out he gets all giddy and does the sign for more. He can't WAIT to put it on, and then ends up rubbing it the majority of the time. I got this dipe from a Work At Home Mom, who makes and sells Dipes for a living. Charlie's dipe is made out of soft fleece on the outside and velour on the inside. I have ordered more, and am impatiently awaiting their arrival. This is the only diaper Charlie doesn't try to pull off, but actually gets excited to get put on! Of course Amelia got some cute dipes too ;)

Love, Love, LOVE this dipe! So those who read this who have children with sensory issues, and/or cloth diaper I HIGHLY recommend this mama! You can find her on Face book under CC Bums!

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