Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puppy tails

I'm gonna make a couple different posts today, but I wanted to do this first. Last Saturday we went and got Charlie a German Shep. Puppy to train as his service dog.

I have always been drawn to animals and have always had a big heart. I usually follow my heart and not my brain. Well in search of finding Charlie the right dog, I had to listen to my brain.

Last weekend we searched several shelters and rescue groups only to be told that they couldn't help us. After dealing with the last rude lady, I decided that while I was trying to help Charlie and rescue a dog at the same time, it just wasn't going to work. So we went to a Breeder instead. Saturday night we brought home Charlies puppy.

I believe animals can help people in a sense that no one can truely understand. And this just proves my point. From the moment Charlie and Nanie (thats what he named her!) first met there was a deep connection. There were 2 other puppies in the room we went in, and Nanie was the only one that would follow Charlie around. We decided it was fate since she was a long/medium haired GSD. I was cautious of the following days that we were about to experience. I for sure thought that it was going to be rough and Charlie was going to have a hard time excepting a new dog into the household. Boy was I ever wrong!!

Charlie started talking more, and communicating. Him and Nanie were stuck together with invisible glue. Wherever she went, he went and vise versa. His tantrums went from 10 a day to 2. He was starting to change. When we first got Nanie, we had named her Sissy. It was one of the few words Charlie could already say. Well after a couple of days he promptely told me when I called Sissy to me "No!!! NANIE!!!" And ever since that moment it has been Nanie. If you try calling her Sissy, he becomes upset and starts screaming "NO!! NANIE! NANIE! NANIE!"

During this whole first week of having Nanie I didn't want to get my hopes up because I know that whenever you get a new dog or puppy you have that honey moon stage where every thing is great, until she settles in.

I am still waiting for all hell to break loose, and for me to go crazy, But this has been by far the easiest, most laid back puppy that I have met. Nanie connectd to Charlie like no one can connect with him. It's like they get each other. Nanie helps Charlie through his rough moments, and helps him in ways that we can not imagine or even begin to grasp.

This past week hasn't been easy- It's been hard trying to train a puppy in all aspects. She is a brilliant puppy and learns quickly. House breaking is going well, but she still has accidents if we get distracted and not see her cues to go out.

I have said to many people during this past week. If tomorrow we have to get rid of Nanie, or some how the connection is lost between them, it doesn't matter. Because this past week has been one of the best weeks of my life, and I would do it again in a heart beat.

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