Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow it has been a while since I last posted. Charlie has grown in leaps and bounds. I am so proud of him and all the hard work he has done. He is doing amazing in school, and I see changes in him everyday.

Charlie is talking A LOT. And it is so funny to listen to him and the things he comes up with. This morning him and Amelia are playing Puppy. He was walking around with a bowl of crackers saying "Come on Puppy! Want cracker?" And meme would crawl behind him barking. It is great! We never thought he would do imaginary play, and here he is 3 1/2 years old playing puppy with his little sister. It's amazing!

As we near the date of Charlie's 2 year anniversary since he was first evaluated and I first heard that he was autistic, I look back at how much he has changed. Just 8 months ago he could barely say a hand full of words, and today he is talking so much I have to tell him to be quite! I remember his therapist saying that Charlie might not ever be able to talk, or potty learn. As of today he is completely 100% potty learned, and even before the age of 4!!

I get told a lot that it is because Brian and I have worked so hard with Charlie, that he is the way he is today. But to be honest, it's not. Everyone has had a part in Charlie's growth. Whether it was our dear friends not giving up and hoping to be able to hold is hand one day, His therapists giving me information on what to do, to his teachers pushing his boundaries and limits, To family and friends understanding Charlie and his needs and just letting him be himself, and last but not least, His little sister. She has done more for Charlie then anyone could have or will do for him. She is his saint. She has opened him up when we struggled, She has been able to comfort when we can't, and talk and understand him when we weren't able.

I am just so lucky to have Charlie as my son and Amelia as my daughter

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Since Charlie's first Diagnosis back in 2009 I have always been worried that he would be one of the more severe autistic kids and never learn how to be social, talk, or function at a level that he could be apart of society.

All those worries have slowly started to melt away. This past Wednesday I had a meeting with his teachers for his progress. I was more then pleased with what they had to say.

Charlie is an *amazing* little boy and has grown so much. He learns fast and is already to be moved up to the next class!! After spring break Charlie Starts the Ace 3 class, and then in 2012 he will start a BLENDED KINDERGARTEN!!!

I am so proud of my little boy. He has over come so much in his short little life. It is just so amazing to see him change and grow each day. Him and Amelia are the best of friends and prove to me each and every day that I am the luckiest mom on this earth.

Monday, February 7, 2011


So the last blog post I was a very angry, bitter mom. I got over my resentment towards others and moved on. I just wanted to thank my friends who understood my anger and helped us get through the holidays on a happy note!!

The Holiday's ended up being okay. My mother was in the hospital over the Holiday's, so we drove the two hours and surprised her and my father on Christmas morning. Charlie did surprisingly well, and enjoyed the trip. Charlie LOVED opening presents and I think started to understand it all. Instead of buying decorations for the small tree we got, we made them out of home made play dough and the kids painted them. It was a lot of fun and we created wonderful memories.

But enough about the Holidays!! I want to get to the good stuff!!

Charlie has been doing *amazing*!! I can not believe he is the same little boy! He is talking up a storm, and LOVES and I mean L O V E S to sing! His favorite song right now is Twinkle, Twinkle little star. Since he sings it all day we decided to put glow in the dark stars up on his ceiling. Most brilliant Idea to date... thank you very much!!

Charlie is interacting with his peers so much more lately, and is playing with typical children in the way he should. His imagination is hilarious, and cracks me up several times a day.

Charlie has never been really aware of his environment. What I mean by that is that Charlie doesn't notice rain, snow, sleet, sunshine, clouds etc., Well this weekend he finally became aware. We were driving down the highway and it was raining, per usual. I was talking to Brian when all of a sudden he yells "LOOK MEME!!! BUBBLES!!!" and he starts patting the window!! I started to laugh and told him that no they weren't bubbles, but Rain. He was so excited and kept saying "OH!! LOOK!!! RAIN!!!" It was light a light bulb went on and he was in the moment with us. It was AWESOME.

His newest phase is "oh bother" whenever something doesn't go exactly right instead of screaming he just simply says "Oh bother Thomas" LOL. No idea where he picked it up from since the kids don't watch Winnie the Pooh, nor do Brian and I say that. But now we do! ;)

Another great story for you guys! Last Friday night we went to the mall to walk around and work on Charlie's sensory issues with loud noises. Before we left we stopped off at Jamba Juice and got smoothies. The kids got sampler cups which didn't have lids. Well meme was on Brian's shoulders and started to spill hers. She said she was done, so I took it away, but in the process some spilled on the floor. I turn around to throw the cup in the trash, and when I turned back around Charlie was on all fours LICKING the ground!! Yes folks, I have THAT child!! I of course panicked and started yelling "NO CHARLIE! NO LICKING!!!" Which then drew attention to the situation. I thought it was pretty funny myself. All we could do is just laugh, and say "oh Charlie..." haha.

Charlie is growing into such a great little boy. His personality is hilarious, and he is always making me smile. I just need to remember that it's not about what we can't do, but what we can.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Charlie's new phrases in the past month

"What are you doing?
"What Color is this?"
"Thomas on Tv please"
"I want......"
"See you later!"
"Miss you! Love you!"