Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A quote..

This is from "A Thorn In My Pocket" By Mrs. Cutler

In this chapter she is talking about how she is about get on stage and do her first lecture. She is trying to find an opening statement that the mothers in the room would relate too. She sets up different ones, and then she says this

" Maybe I should come right out with it, and talk about the screaming fits, the spitting, the pitying glances of other children's mothers at birthday parties, and the everlasting guilt gnawing away on you. Yes and panic."

"You and your child will roll in the undertow, sand filled breakers slamming you forward, sucking you back, scraping your knees raw, filling your eyes, your nose, your mouth with gritty salt water. Then what?"

"You'll survive, that's what. You'll find your footing and stagger up onto dry land holding on tight to your child. You'll limp but you'll make sense. There'll be good days and nightmare nights, moments of great pride and days when you want to slink out of sight. But it won't be raw knees in the undertow"

Whenever I read these lines my nose starts to sting, and the tears start to fall. This is exactly how I feel. It just brings me back to that wonderful picture I took at the beach and how much it just represents our life.

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