Thursday, January 28, 2010

Music does the soul good...

Most people know that kids who are on the Spectrum are good at one thing (or more depending on the kid). Some kids it's electronics, some kids math, some kids art, some kids music. If they are good at it, they are REALLY good.

Charlie has his vices. He is a very visual learner, and generally you only need to show him something once . He is amazing at puzzles and shape sorters. He knows how to work the TV, and DVD player. This drives me insane since he likes to push the on/off button or the play/stop/pause/skip buttons.... and the volume button...

But out of it all the one thing that speaks to charlie the most is music. It has to have a beat, and he must be able to dance to it. He loves to drum out beats on the tables, and strum on my guitar.
We have music time during the day when I either put on music and we dance, or we play the guitar or drum on random objects. This morning he chose that for music time today he would dance to his microphone that plays music.

I seriously need to get this kid into music classes when he gets old enough to go. He is brilliant!

After all you know the old saying "Music does the soul good".... Completely true for Charlie.


  1. I wish him and e could jam!! They are so much alike! You know what you can do that we did? I always had one of those greeting card that have music when you open them. SInce he is a Johnny Cash freak starting at 2, there was one with Walk the Line in it, and if we were a a store and he started to loose it, out came the card and down went the intenity level.

  2. We had one awhile ago, before he got mad and destroyed it. I think it was MC Hammer in the card. and he would open and jam to it all the time. But great idea! Must go find another!