Saturday, March 5, 2011

Since Charlie's first Diagnosis back in 2009 I have always been worried that he would be one of the more severe autistic kids and never learn how to be social, talk, or function at a level that he could be apart of society.

All those worries have slowly started to melt away. This past Wednesday I had a meeting with his teachers for his progress. I was more then pleased with what they had to say.

Charlie is an *amazing* little boy and has grown so much. He learns fast and is already to be moved up to the next class!! After spring break Charlie Starts the Ace 3 class, and then in 2012 he will start a BLENDED KINDERGARTEN!!!

I am so proud of my little boy. He has over come so much in his short little life. It is just so amazing to see him change and grow each day. Him and Amelia are the best of friends and prove to me each and every day that I am the luckiest mom on this earth.

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