Friday, May 28, 2010


Charlie's Vocab is literally growing by the day. I am so impressed with him. I want to get this all written down so I remember what he is saying in case of regression. So here are the words and phrases Charlie can say willingly. Note- These are the ONLY things he can say.

-He know's his Alphabet
-He knows his numbers up to 9
-He can Greet (Hello, Hi, Bye, See you soon, night night)
-He gives kisses
-He can say "Your turn" in proper context
-He knows manners (Please, Thank you, More(knows the sign for more))
-He knows people (mom, dad, papa, grandma, Nannie (the dog))
-He knows "i don't know" (not sure if he understands this, but it sure is cute!)
-He knows "Whats that" and "I say..." "It's a...."
-He knows objects (Car, Ball,)
-He knows somewhat Inside and outside. Still working on it.
-He can point, and get a spoon when he wants food. He brings his cup when he is thirsty.
-He can follow single commands- "Sit on your bottom" "Get your coat," Get your shoes", Get your Bink ( he can also say Binkum for his Pacifier)
-He knows animals (Frog, Kitty (he can meow), Dog)
-He know's Actions (Go, Stop(working on stop ;) )
-And he LOVES talking on the phone with his Pop Pop (my father)

Charlie has grown in leaps and bounds over these last few months. I am really enjoying this stage in his life. He is learning new things everyday, and keeps me on my toes.

He is definitely a 2 year old! He is Crazy and pushing the limits. We are also finding out that more and more things are starting to bother Charlie. The lights in most stores seem to set him off about 5-10 minutes in the store. We are trying to teach him how to tell us when something is bothering him. But it's like mixing oil with water. He is not willing to learn it at this moment, so we must not push.

Charlie LOVES to sing. His new favorite song is by a kid, Justin Bieber. I personally can stand the song. Nothing is wrong with it, just his voice drives me crazy, but to Charlie it's like heaven. We listen to it several times a day. He sings the song all day even when we aren't listening to it.
Here is a video of him rockin out to it.

Although I hate the song, I still play it as much as Charlie wants. I love hearing him sing and watching him Dance. Amelia gets in on the action too, and she is just as cute as her brother!

Amelia still seems to be opening Charlie up. He mimics her and follows her around the house all day. He is engaging in play with her and gets upset when she is sleeping or doesn't want to play. It's pretty awesome.

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